a note from the editor.

We are adventurers, explorers, and seekers. We’re searching for something more—something bigger, grander, and more beautiful than we’ve ever known before.

My life and my work have been driven by this search for meaning. I began my career as newspaper photojournalist fresh out of journalism school. But when it came time to embark on my own shooting career, I yearned to create images with a deeper meaning for both you and I —images that are timeless.

For the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of documenting adventurous, exceptional couples, as they celebrate their journeys and take their relationships to deeper levels of commitment, exploration, and enduring love. I long to tell the authentic story of your love and the journey you took to get there.

Yes, I’m devoted to my art, but I value your experience above all. You’re searching for photography with meaning, images that capture you at your best. I am too. I look forward to being your guide, as we join together to create timeless, artistic heirlooms for you and the people you love.

It all started when…

Inspired by what a bald eagle brought to us one foggy morning down by the river, our creativity showcases its freedom, beauty and simplicity in all we do. This eagle gave us courage to travel unordinary routes, discover our passion, challenge new beginnings and reveal creativity. And to that, this business was born. The eagle inspires us to reach higher than ever before and bestows purity and truthfulness. Eagle Spirit Photography encompasses a free-living, and simplistic style reflected throughout our photography and creatives.

Me and the zoo

My passion for animal welfare can be crippling, but so rewarding at the ground level. Our home is full of rescued whiskers, and somehow always seem to find room for more. My husband and I spend much of our free time giving back through volunteer work at our county animal shelter and also through personal rescue and foster. You can read more about that here.

Like me for me

I save frogs from busy streets, feral kittens from the wild, and spiders in cups.  I’m a city girl at heart, but cannot leave behind my new love for rural horizons. I’ve never met a stranger and refuse to admit I'm turning into my mom.  Over time, I’ve learned the hard way to not apologize for being myself.  I am empathetic to a fault, but you'll meet few people who will love and care more than me.